We developed a unifying visual language to connect eight documentaries with their own unique branding.

Eight documentaries by award-winning filmmakers.

Roads to Regeneration is a compilation of eight inspirational documentaries. Produced by Hot Docs and presented by SAP, each short film showcases innovative ideas from everyday people. They feature individuals who seek to make life more sustainable, equitable, and hopeful for everyone—one change or idea at a time.

The documentaries are unrelated topics created by different filmmakers from around the world. So, the challenge was to create a brand that could connect the films and amplify their storytelling power.

Our work included a logotype for Roads to Regeneration that is simple enough to work with eight unique brands while having a distinct personality. We also developed a “road” graphic for motion and still applications. The stylized line treatment interacts with film clips in an intro used at the start of each film and is a dynamic element on each film’s poster. In addition to the video and posters, we also developed a microsite to explain and promote the initiative.

Brand Design / Motion Graphics + Video / Website Design / Poster Design / Style Guide