When Provepharm wanted to introduce their recently FDA-approved diagnostic dye Bludigo™ to the market, we helped build a brand identity as vibrant as the product itself.

We created a bold brand identity that left the viewer in no doubt of Bludigo™’s key attribute – its striking color and contrast. Key headlines were grounded in an audience-specific messaging platform, which highlighted the role and benefit of Bludigo ™in surgical procedures.

This core identity was brought to life through a website landing page, then given a wider reach through a product launch campaign. This included a series of targeted emails, as well as print and digital ads, videos, and a conference experience including a booth, pulls-ups and backdrops, one pagers, postcards and T-shirt designs.

The result? An identity built for impact – and a product to match.

Brand Identity / Brand Messaging / Design System + Templates / Launch Campaign