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The photographer Noa Grayevsky is renowned for her dynamic work in the music industry and for her edgy high-end fashion brand content creation. She needed a photography website to support the full range of her work, and to act as a calling card for editors and creative directors – with the goal of attracting more campaign-driven assignments.

This was a unique project for us. And we relished the challenge of showcasing Noa’s art and craft – and helping her reach her ambitions. Bottom line: we wanted to create a website as cool as Noa.

We curated content from her vast portfolio, demonstrating her versatility and flair. Our design juxtaposed different works with a cinematic layout to create maximum drama. We created a look and feel that was uniquely Noa through animated GIFs and personalized filters. By highlighting her overall style and artistry (rather than focusing on either music industry projects or fashion projects in siloes) we made it easy for potential clients to imagine the potential in a partnership.

Photography Website Design / Logo Design / Art Direction / Brand Messaging / Motion Graphics + Video / UX & UI Design / Visual Design / Site Audit