Streamlining and simplifying: Coach, Learn and Share, consolidated in one intuitive navigation bar.

Visualizing data, and providing a positive outlook.

Organizing and focusing data-heavy information with secondary navigation and color blocking.

Simplifying layouts and aiding navigation with a comprehensive icon library (over sixty icons created).

Expanding the “share” component to enable a more customized experience for larger stakeholders – toggle from Share to Share +.

Change Machine is a financial coaching platform that social service organizations and public agencies can embed into their offerings, to help people increase their financial literacy. In order to grow and scale, the organization wanted its platform to be more user-friendly – both for practitioners and for people seeking financial health guidance.

The platform is a practitioner-facing subscription-based software as a service consisting of three components: Coach, Learn, and Share.

We reviewed the UX/UI of the platform, and developed a design strategy that ultimately created an agile workflow, and data visuals that were bold, clear and easy for clients to understand. The result? A streamlined tool that can help even more people to make lasting economic change.

Website App Design / UX & UI Design / Visual Design / Brand Messaging