amfAR, one of the world’s leading non-profits is dedicated to AIDS research, education, and prevention. Their Advocacy Group’s powerful work in Washington has made a significant impact on national and global HIV/AIDS funding, policy and legislation. The key? Telling a persuasive science-driven narrative to get their message heard – and understood – by people in the position to implement change.

Since 2014, we’ve created clear, compelling informational graphics that help policymakers engage with the complexity and urgency of amfAR’s mission – designed to stand out on a cluttered desk. Working closely with the Policy team, we transform data into story, and numbers into impact, crafting messages that connect with readers, and inspire action.

We’re proud that our data visualization work has helped to secure law and policy initiatives in the U.S that have an impact that’s felt around the world.

Data Visualization + Infographics / Design System + Templates / Motion Graphic + Video / Social Media Design