The Global Fight

Diseases that are treatable—or even curable—are left untouched around the world, simply because countries don’t have the necessary funds or medical resources to address them. The Global Fight wants to change that.

The Global Fight takes their campaign directly to change-making stakeholders in Washington D.C. and beyond. They needed a design firm that would be able to distill their most import messaging into compelling material that this audience, and more, would understand.

To start, we designed based on their most important asset—their logo. The three ring motif and color palette come into play in subtle ways throughout the reports, establishing consistency visual language throughout. The visual language complements the logo, and also packages heavy research about global epidemics in an easily consumable way.

During our partnership, we encountered a unique challenge. To accomodate the new White House administration, The Global Fight had to shift their tone of voice. We strategically designed pull quotes and key takeaways, constantly adjusting the design to create a more convincing argument to stakeholders with changing needs.