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A new blockchain company came to us with a bold vision—to power blockchain using only clean, renewable energy—but they needed a branding partner to help bring it to life: specifically, a name, a visual identity and a website all within a few weeks, ahead of a major investor push.

Following a strategic deep-dive into their business and a detailed competitive audit, we positioned the newly-named Soluna (with links to Sun and moon, suggesting green energy), as a trustworthy partner in an industry not-exactly-renowned for trustworthiness.

The new brand identity was rooted in the company’s innovative, sustainable promise. Name, design and verbal identity were created to be a breath of fresh air amidst the jargon-heavy competitive field. Simple templates made it easy for the team to create cohesive, on-brand communications, and key messages and a powerful brand story helped investors understand Soluna’s value.

The result? A disruptor blockchain company accelerating on its journey to challenging industry norms and driving real change.

Strategy Development / Brand Positioning / Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Messaging / Motion Graphics + Video / Data Visualization + Infographics