The logo was inspired by the abstraction of tree growth, as well as by the image of a person with their arms held up, bringing together nature and people into a positive symbol of hope in the face of climate change.

A bold color palette, simple layouts and clear infographics help people see – and understand – Komaza’s impact and potential.

Vibrant icons and organic woodgrain graphic bring energy and texture to the system.

Portraiture and drone footage helped bring Komaza’s brand to life.

Komaza, an innovative smallholder distributed forestry company, is all about growth. With bold goals – to plant 1 billion trees with 1 million farmers across 10+ countries by 2030 – and an important mission – to address climate change and poverty, the time was right (following successful series B funding), to build a brand as big as Komaza’s ambition – and potential for impact.

 We helped the organization develop their strategy, brand, voice and visual system to move the company away from its NGO roots, growing into a major forestry company ready to make an impact. The goal? To turn potential investors into believers, and to convince potential employees to join the mission.

Strategy Development / Brand Positioning / Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Messaging  / Data Visualization + Infographics