How does truly historic change happen? It starts with courage: setting ambitious goals, and then setting out to achieve them. Because breakthroughs come from big ideas and bold action.
Our approach and way of thinking has always expanded beyond black and white.

For over 30 years, amfAR has dedicated its mission to pursuing a cure for HIV/AIDS. The organization has historically been divided into two halves. One, solely dedicated to science and research. The other, focused on fundraising events such as galas.

Our mission was to unite the two halves under one visual identity. Bold type and a strong color palette allows the brand to infuse the energy and excitement of luxurious galas into the seriousness of research.

By elevating research to the luxury level and keeping events grounded in science, amfAR presents the same value to all aspects of the organization. This unified approach allows communications to be more inclusive of all of amfAR’s target audiences.

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