Soluna Brand Identity

The blockchain, as innovative as it is, relies too heavily on outdated, dirty energy. Soluna hopes to change that. Using 100% clean energy, they’re powering the blockchain revolution in an ethically responsible way.

Soluna had a bold vision—to power blockchain using only clean, renewable energy—but they needed help bringing it to life.

Initially, the tech startup didn’t have a visual identity, a website, or even a name. They needed a branding partner who could elevate their company with a powerful brand in just a few weeks, before a major investor push.

We took on the challenge and created an identity inspired by the power of nature and technology combined—something Soluna champions. We also worked with them to craft a tone of voice: forward-thinking, grounded, and purposeful. These three qualities set them apart from other blockchain companies relying on technical jargon and unrealistic promises.

Our visual and verbal identity for Soluna deliberately position them as a new, innovative blockchain company that will challenge industry norms and spearhead real change.