SAP Digital Futures Series

Internet of things, the circular economy, machine learning—in today’s digital age, new trends emerge every day that could completely reshape the way businesses operate. SAP’s Digital Futures stories tackle cutting-edge developments in the tech and business worlds, offering powerful information and advice; but the series’ visuals (mostly still images) were falling a bit flat.

The series depicts compelling projections of potential futures; we have an ongoing partnership with SAP to bring those intangible possibilities to life.

We turn existing photos into speculative graphics; white outline illustrations represent the future aspect of the story, showing how these new technologies will interact with our world.

This art direction guides everything we create: a one-minute recap video, a series of on-brand GIFs, an animated icon library, a PDF executive brief, and social media promotional posts. The suite of collateral delivers the story across multiple platforms, each with varying levels of depth.

Despite the huge variety of topics covered by Digital Futures, we’ve created one visual style that unifies all 23+ stories across dozens of channels.