HRPF Collateral System

A waterfront park spanning 4 miles and 550 acres, Hudson River Park has everything from art installations to boating areas, bowling lanes to running trails. But even though it’s one of the biggest parks in Manhattan, it doesn’t receive any government funding. Instead, it relies solely on its official fundraising partner, Hudson River Park Friends.

Friends came to us for a print design system overhaul, guided by the recent park re-brand done by Pentagram.

The print system we created is clean, usable, and 100% on-brand with the new guidelines. We were inspired by the park’s signage system—specifically, how color enhanced wayfinding within the park. We also enhanced the emotional appeal of their print suite by including photography celebrating the park’s people, activities, and the joy it brought—reinforcing just how important funding is.

Everything designed does more than just inform and guide; it paints the park as an integral part of the city, and an organization that’s deserving of your support.