GLBT Project

Each Martin Luther King Day, our team does a day of service. For 2017, we decided to attend a one day create-a-thon held by Make-a-Mark, where teams of designers work with nonprofits.

We paired up with the wonderful team at The GLBT Project: they refer members of the LGBTQ+ community to resources that can help them with substance abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence.

When we first met them, they were a young grassroots organization that were operating through word-of-mouth. We set out to help them visualize their mission so they could reach even more people and change even more lives.

We were most inspired by the founder. Her extraordinarily bright personality became the foundation for everything we created: a vibrant wordmark using the iconic Gilbert typeface, a custom heart & hand logo referencing the mission, and a variety of pithy one-liners perfect for posters and headlines. We used a free font and simple design elements to make sure they’d be able to continue creating in-house.

The GLBT Project’s previous marketing efforts focused on the heavy issues they sought to address; we flipped the narrative and crafted a brand identity that looked to the hopeful future instead.