City Harvest Brand Refresh

On any given day, there are 1.3 million New Yorkers struggling with food insecurity. City Harvest has worked tirelessly to address this since they pioneered the concept of food rescue in 1982. To date, they’ve rescued 600 million pounds of fresh produce and donated it to community members that need it most.

City Harvest has worked tirelessly to address food insecurity & waste since pioneering food rescue in 1982. They undoubtedly do amazing work (they’ve rescued 600 million pounds of food since!), but their brand’s visual inconsistency was preventing them from getting the full recognition they deserved. We set off to help them tighten up their visual communications.

After a warehouse visit, interviews with their employees, and a few truck ride-alongs, we uncovered what was at the heart of City Harvest: the wonderful people. We took their giving spirit and infused it into everything: an abundant fruit & vegetable-inspired color palette, a warm yet direct tone of voice, and a bountiful collection of icons.

We also created a brand playbook, guidelines, and a fittingly New York-esque collateral template grid—all the tools they need to keep creating in-house.

With these new guidelines in place, they can keep their focus on the people and work that make their organization so integral to NYC.