Who we are

People, not egos

Good work starts with good people, so our firm is built on a foundation of respect. In an industry that, at times, values competition over decency, we make sure that our interactions — internally & with clients — are consistently constructive & transparent.

Makers, not idealists

You want to partner with designers that understand the “why” and “how” as much as the “what.” We get that. A striking logo isn’t effective if it doesn’t tie back into the brand mission; a gorgeous website isn’t worth anything if it doesn’t consider user behavior. We’d pick practical solutions—ones that work in the real world—over creative fantasies any day.

What we create

Substance, not style

We’re not only here to win awards. Our work distills data, refines research, and clarifies heavy subjects; strategic reasoning drives every design decision we make. We intentionally work on projects that go beyond ads and aesthetics; we want to help our partners create positive change.

How we work

Collaborative, not controlling

Our clients’ industries run the gamut from blockchain to food rescue to enterprise software—but we don’t pretend to know everything about every vertical. Instead, we ask questions, pay attention, and learn about your business so we can be the best partners possible.


Brand Identity

We bring your brand to life with scalable visual and verbal narratives (which go beyond just a logo)—even if that means starting from scratch with a new name. The systems we create, from color palettes to conceptual positioning, empower your team to keep growing your brand after we build your foundation together.

What we’ve done in the past: identity systems, brand positioning, brand audit, naming, style guides, logos, image libraries

Digital Product

Our team creates user-centric digital experiences that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each digital touchpoint (web, mobile, and anything in between) deserves to be just as well-crafted and smart as your business.

What we’ve done in the past: mobile applications, web design, site audit, email advertising

Content & Collateral

We create relevant expressions of who you are & what you stand for. We produce the most necessary content—content that’s backed by strategic reasoning—to speak directly to whoever you need to reach, whether that’s charitable New Yorkers or startup investors.

What we’ve done in the past: data visualization & infographics, annual reports, white papers, collateral templates, videos, motion graphics, social content